Colin Evans's new book, THE SECRET OF BANJO GROYNE: Innocent and Sentenced to Hang. The True Story of the Brighton Murder of '28, is out now.

When retired Brighton chemist Friend Ernest Smith was attacked and robbed in April 1928, few could have imagined the extraordinary chain of events that would unfold.

First, there was the victim's reticence. Resolutely tight-lipped about the attack, he didn't want the police involved at all.

Then there was the strange conduct of his doctor, who threw a protective shield around his patient, keeping everyone at bay. Except that five weeks later Smith died. The doctor called it murder .... read more

And don't forget! THE VALENTINO AFFAIR:The Jazz Age Murder Scandal That Shocked New York Society and Gripped the World

On a sweltering night in August 1917 a beautiful heiress, Blana de Saulles, went gunning for her ex-husband, college football great and Broadway playboy Jack de Saulles. She caught up with him at Jack's palatial home on Long Island. What happened next would reverberate around the world, and lead to "the most sensational trial of the decade."

But what few people have realized since that fateful night was the part played in this tragedy by future silent film icon Rudolph Valentino, and how Hollywood lavished a fortune on covering up his dirty little secret...read more

THE KILLING OF GEORGIE MOORE: A True-Life Victorian Mystery

In 1881 seven-year-old Georgina Moore was kidnapped from outside her London school. Suspicion soon fell on a sultry neighbour named Esther Pay. Until recently she had been the mistress of Georgina's father, only to be cast aside when his lecherous gaze turned elsewhere.

What happened next almost defied belief as Scotland Yard uncovered an incredible saga of bedroom intrigue and raw, naked jealousy that stretched right across London. Was it really possible that Esther had snatched little Georgie in an act of revenge? Investigators thought so, but could they prove it? For the first time the most baffling murder of the Victorian era has now been told in a full-length book. It's a fantastic story. You won't want to miss it!

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