Colin Evans's latest book is out now! THE KILLING OF GEORGIE MOORE: A True-Life Victorian Mystery.

In 1881 London was rocked when seven-year-old Georgina Moore was kidnapped from outside her school. Suspicion soon fell on a sultry neighbour named Esther Pay. Until recently she had been the mistress of Georgina's father, only to be cast aside when his lecherous gaze turned elsewhere.

What happened next almost defied belief as Scotland Yard detectives uncovered an incredible saga of bedroom intrigue and raw, naked jealousy that stretched right across London. Was it really possible that Esther had snatched little Georgie in an act of revenge? Investigators thought so, but could they prove it?

For the first time the most baffling murder of the Victorian era has now been told in a full-length book. It's a fantastic story and you won't want to miss it!

And don't forget SLAUGHTER ON A SNOWY MORN: A Tale of Murder, Corruption, and the Death Penalty Case that Shocked America.

In 1915, an upstate New York farmer and his housekeeper are beaten and shot to death in their home. It's an appalling crime and few shed any tears when the murdered man's hired hand, Charles Stielow, is condemned to the electric chair.

But while Stielow languishes on death row, doubts began to emerge about his guilt. Troubled officials at Sing Sing relay their concerns to America's greatest female detective, Grace Humiston, who spearheads the fight to save Stielow's life.... read more

Shortlisted CWA 'Golden Dagger for Non-Fiction.'

"It's a stunner ... I couldn't put it down."
"A brilliant read ... I can't recommend it highly enough."

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