Colin Evans is the author of seventeen books, dealing with forensics and true crime. His fascination with the murkier side of human nature began when he was still at school. Long hours spent trawling through dusty library archives researching contemporary newspaper accounts about 'Jack the Ripper' (no, he doesn't have any clues to the killer's identity, and he seriously doubts that anyone does, either) got him started and it's never really stopped since then.


He was living in America when his first book, 'Killer Doctors', was published in 1993. He followed this with the international best-seller, 'The Casebook of Forensic Detection', which was translated into numerous languages. Since that time he's gone on to become one of the foremost writers on the history and development of forensic science, as well as bringing to light several cases that resulted in miscarriages of justice.

A regular TV commentator on both sides of the Atlantic, he has also made numerous radio broadcasts.

His latest book, 'The Secret of Banjo Groyne: Innocent and Sentenced to Hang', is available now. It's an incredible story of how a crooked detective in Brighton, England, hounded a trio of local men to a date with the hangman, knowing that at least two were innocent. Even more astonishing was how, in secret, a figure at the very peak of the British establishment fought to save these hapless victims from the gallows.

"The best British true crime book in a long while."


By this time I'm guessing that you're as hooked on true crime as I am. If so, why not check out the following books. To order, just click on a link.



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